Abu Dhabi driver hits 194kmph in town

Police crackdown on reckless motorists in in residential areas leads to arrest

Abu Dhabi traffic police caught a driver travelling at 194km per hour inside a residential area in the capital although the maximum speed limit is 60 km per hour, the traffic police chief was reported on Sunday as saying.

The driver was seized by mobile speed cameras deployed by the police in populated areas as part of a drive to crack down on motorists driving recklessly inside those areas, Brigadier Hussein Al Harithi said.

The drive, launched this week, includes deployment of speed cameras, police patrols, lectures and awareness prorgrammes through the media and the social networks to educate drivers and other road users on traffic safety.

“A young driver was caught travelling as fast as 194 kph in one residential area although the maximum speed there is 60 kph…the driver has been referred to the prosecution and his vehicle has been seized,” he told local newspapers.

He said reckless driving inside residential areas has resulted in many accidents that killed 23 people and seriously injured 29 in the first five months of 2012.

“We will not tolerate reckless driving and other road violations inside residential areas as they will surely result in many casualties given their high population density….the speed limit on some roads inside those areas ranges between 20 and 30 kph and we expect drivers to stick to this limit,” he said.

A campaign against speeding on external roads has already resulted in the seizure of 158 cars doing between 200 and 250 kph in June, he added.

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