Abu Dhabi woman, neighbour 'kill' maid

Two are to be sentenced in Abu Dhabi on June 18

An Emirati woman and her neighbour are on trial in Abu Dhabi on charges of torturing their Asian housemaid to death and threatening her colleague against reporting the murder to the police.

After several sessions, the criminal court set June 18 for handing out a sentence against the two defendants, charged by the prosecutor of premeditated murder.

The defence lawyer argued that there was no intention to kill and that it was not known which one murdered the maid.

But the prosecutor countered by saying both defendants beat the victim by their hands and legs before using kitchen items to finish her off.

“They did not have mercy on her…they kept beating her despite her pleas until she fell on the floor and succumbed to her injuries…they killed her without any reason and did not take into consideration her struggle to support her children and family at home,” the prosecutor said, urging court to severe punish them.

Alkhaleej newspaper said the two unidentified defendants also threatened another housemaid against reporting the crime to the police after claiming that the maid fell down and died.

Maid vanishes on arrival in Saudi

An Indonesian housemaid vanished just after her flight landed in Saudi Arabia and her employer said she was stilling searching for the woman.

The Saudi woman, identified as DA, said she went to the airport in Riyadh after bringing the Indonesian to look after her three-year-old handicapped daughter and was told by airport authorities that the maid had entered Saudi Arabia.

But the woman, quoted by the Arabic language daily Sabq, said she still could not find the maid who arrived three days ago.

She said that she had spent more than SR20,000 (Dh19,500) to get a visa for the maid, travel to Riyadh from her home town of Abha in the southern and make contacts to find the missing worker.

“Officials at the airport confirmed that the maid had arrived and entered the Kingdom…we have informed all concerned authorities but she is still missing.”

Saudi deports US doctor for molesting patients

Saudi Arabia deported an American surgeon accused of molesting nurses and female patients, triggering protests that he should have been jailed.

The Saudi Ministry of Health suspended the orthopedics surgeon after receiving complaints from some nurses and female patients he tried to molest them.

Okaz newspaper said the Ministry reported the doctor to the police, who took immediate procedures to deport him to the United States.

It said the doctor, who worked in the northern town of Tabuk, had already been expelled from work in the US for his “bad behaviour.”

“Many citizens contacted the newspaper and the Ministry to express their anger about the deportation of the doctor…they said he should have been tried and punished,” the paper said.

Filipino raped by three men in Saudi

Three young Saudi men abducted a Filipino man to a deserted place, raped him and stole his laptop and money before they were arrested later in the day.

The Filipino nurse was heading for a café near the northern town of Hail when the three intercepted him and bundled him in their car.

The three, aged between 19 and 22 years, were seized by the police a few hours later after the Filipino gave them the car number and their descriptions.

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