Adulterous mom uses colleagues’ passports to get baby's birth certificate

 A Filipina HR employee, who gave birth to a child from an adulterous relationship, took passports of a compatriot couple to obtain a birth certificate for the newborn baby.

CM, 27, is facing five accusations including falsely obtaining a birth report from a private hospital  by submitting a forged passport photocopy in which she replaced the picture of passport holder BRM with hers.

She also submitted the original passport of BRM and her husband ET and the false report from the hospital to obtain a birth certificate for the baby from the Ministry of Health.

The prosecution accused CM of using correct documents of others without their knowledge and  having consensual sex with illegal resident MB.

BRM, 31, employee, who works with her husband ET for a private company in Silicon Oasis with the accused CM ,who worked in the company’s HR department, testified that in August 2011, CM asked them to give their passports claiming that the authorities want to check them.

“We handed her the passports in last March. CM was arrested for her involvement in a case. I lodged a complaint with the police after I learnt from a friend that CM had obtained a birth certificate for her daughter Isabel using passports of myself and my husband,” she testified.

The accused confessed to having an adulterous relationship with a man called Marlon that resulted in pregnancy.

“After delivering the baby girl in the hospital, I submitted a forged photocopy of BRM’s passport in which I replaced her picture with mine. On June 19, 2011, I obtained a birth report. Later in August, I submitted the hospital’s birth report and the original passports of BRM and her husband ET to the Ministry of Health and I obtained a birth certificate for my daughter,” she admitted.

The court adjourned the case to July 26.

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