Asian attempts to stab co-worker to death

A Vietnamese man allegedly attempted to kill a student who had accompanied his friend to a flat which was used as a vice den. (Supplied)

A Pakistani worker allegedly attempted to kill his compatriot in a labour camp in Dubai, the Criminal Court heard.

The victim MR, 20, Pakistani, had lost his bank card and enquired his co-workers about it.

On 25 September, 2014, at around 9pm, his co-worker KM came to MR and told him that he had found the bank card. KM asked the victim to accompany him to his room to take the card.

"When I entered his room he locked the door and switched off the light. He stabbed me several times in my belly, chest and back before I could rescue myself," said the victim.

The victim rushed to the door and opened it. As he got out he fell unconscious at the door step.

Other workers heard the victim scream for help and rushed towards the room.

One of the workers MH, 34, was in the shower when this was happening.

MH testified that when he heard the victim scream. "...I got out of the bathroom and rushed towards the accused's room. Other workers also rushed to the scene. I tried to open the door, but it was locked from inside. I tried to break the door but I couldn't. While we were trying, the door opened and the victim fell at my feet," MH told investigators.

MH immediately locked the door to prevent the attacker from running away.

Workers called the police who arrived and opened the door and asked the accused to hand himself over.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where his life was saved.

Policemen searched the room and found a knife that broke during the scuffle.

KM admitted his crime and told investigators that he had planned to do this to MR 15 minutes before actually committing it.

"I brought a kitchen knife and hid it in my pocket and lured the victim into my room. I stabbed him after I locked the door and switched off the light," he told investigators without telling the reason why he harmed his co-worker.

Forensic report suggests that the victim sustained two fatal wounds in the belly and one in the chest and back. The chest wound was close to the heart.

In court, the accused admitted to stabbing his co-worker but claimed that it was in self-defence.
The court adjourned the case to August 16 to appoint a defence lawyer.


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