Asian cross-dresser attacked, robbed

An Asian man is standing trial on charges of cross-dressing and soliciting on Facebook.

FJ, a 24-year-old Filipino claimed to be a woman and offered his services on Facebook, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

However, his acts were only exposed when he was robbed and allegedly attacked by two men.

FJ testified in court: “One day, I received a call from a person, seeking my service. I charged him Dh1,500 and he accepted. I asked him to come at around 4.30pm but he failed to appear at the appointed time. At around 6pm, I heard a knock on the door.

"As I opened the door, a young man presented an ID, but he hid the picture with his finger. He barged into my room and ordered me to open the safe box, saying he had information that I possess cocaine.

"I tried to run out of the room, but another man who was standing outside, caught me and pushed me back into the room.

The two used a plastic rope and tied my hands. They attacked me and forced me to say the code to open the safe. When I refused, they suffocated me with a pillow and blanket. Later, when I discovered they left the room I crawled out of the door and sought help.”

Investigating police officials found that FJ had rented the room using his cousin’s passport. He was also seen cross-dressing in the hotel.

FJ complained that the attackers made away with Dh40,000; Saudi Riyal 2,000; US$1,600 and Euro1,000. They also took his and his cousin’s passports, FJ added.

FJ admitted to cross-dressing as a woman on Facebook to solicit clients. He also confessed that the money the two men stole was earned by offering his services to men of different nationalities.

Police arrested the two attackers - MB, 20, a Turkish student and OD, a juvenile.

MB also told investigators that he had engaged with FJ before attacking him and stealing the money.

OD confessed to pretending as a CID official and assaulted FJ with the help of MB.

Police also confiscated Dh10,000 from MB apart from a plastic gun, plastic rope and passports of FJ and his cousin.
Medical reports confirm that FJ suffered injuries to his wrists and ankles in addition various parts of his body.

FJ is facing three charges, including using his cousin’s passport, and MB is accused of theft and assault.  While, both MB and FJ are accused of having engaged consensually .

OD will be prosecuted at the Juvenile Court.

The court will reconvene on July 12.

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