Asian girl dies during abortion by plumber

An Asian girl was found dead in her flat in Dubai nearly five days after a plumber tried to abort her and police said the girl’s death was associated with a vice ring.

Police had to smash the door to get into the apartment in Rafaa area after receiving a call from the building’s watchman that a foul smell is coming out of the flat.

Police said they found the body of the girl, in her 20s, and medical examination showed she had undergone a failed abortion attempt by a plumber using sharp objects after she was injected with a drug used in such cases.

“The coroner determined that the girl has been dead for five days…we found out that the apartment is rented by a ring using it for prostitution,” Dubai CID chief Major General Khalil Al Mansouri said, quoted by Emarat Alyoum daily.

He said police later arrested three Asian men in association with the crime, adding that they confessed that they were involved in the abortion of the girl after she became pregnant as a result of an illegitimate relationship.

Mansouri said three other members of the ring, including the plumber, fled the UAE just after the girl’s death. He said the plumber used sharp objects to pull out the fetus but that it got caught in the womb, leading to its death and to severe hemorrhage.

“The girl had lost much blood before she stopped breathing…we believe this had confused the plumber and another woman who was helping him…they then left the apartment and flew to their home country on the same day.”

Mansouri said the victim had come to the UAE on a visit visa and that she had illegally stayed for nearly 1.5 years. We arrested three members of that ring and we are working with Interpol to identify those who have fled and arrest them.”

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