Asian kills nightclub waitress in Abu Dhabi

An Asian man strangled his girl-friend in a hotel room in Abu Dhabi after discovering she was not faithful to him, despite her pledge to stop working as a nightclub waitress or seeing other men, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed man had fallen in love with the woman from the same home town, before asking her to quit her job in return for supporting her, ‘Emarat Al Youm’ said.

As he works in Ruwais, more than 200km from Abu Dhabi city, the man believed his girlfriend when she told him that she had quit the job and stopped seeing men.

“He used to give her money every month so she can afford to live on her own in Abu Dhabi.

“He started to see her every week end,” the paper said.

“But he later discovered that she was lying to him.

“He then invited her to his hotel room in Abu Dhabi, took off his trouser belt and tightened it around her neck.”

The paper said the man called an ambulance after he thought she fell unconscious, adding that the girl died of asphyxia.

It said that the judge hearing this case adjourned the session to September14 after the victim’s relatives pardoned the killer in exchange for diya (blood money).

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