Asian woman raped by five men in Sharjah

Police arrest one and are trying to get the remaining rapists

Two Afghan men posing as detectives abducted an Asian woman to Sharjah from another emirate, took her to the industrial zone and joined three other men in raping her, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Sharjah police said they had arrested one of them and are taking measures to seize the remaining rapists, two of whom have fled the country.

The woman had told police that five men took turns in raping her in an industrial zone in Sharjah before dumping her on the road and fleeing.

After investigation over the past days, police located a rapist who was in custody at a police centre for having sex with another woman and making her pregnant.

“Police found that two other rapists fled the UAE just after committing their crime…they said they are taking measures to arrest those in the UAE and bring back those who fled,” the Arabic language daily Alittihad said.

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