Attempt to smuggle methamphetamine foiled

Dubai Police has foiled an attempt to smuggle eight kilos of the drug methamphetamine out of the country.

Two Europeans was arrested in Dubai for possessing four kilos of the drug while a Euoropean man and woman were arrested in Tokyo, Japan for possessing four kilos the drug.

They had arrived on tourist visas in Dubai with the intention of smuggling the drug out of the country, said Major General Abdul Jalil Mahdi of Dubai Police.

According to Maj Gen Mahdi, the police had been monitoring the movement of the drug smugglers. The drug was first delivered to a hotel in Rifa’a area. A man and a woman belonging to the gang left the hotel for Dubai airport and took a flight to Tokyo. The Drug Enforcement Administration then informed Japanese authorities who arrested them.

The other group was arrested in Dubai after the hotel in which they were staying was raided.

Investigations revealed that the masterminds behind the drug smuggling operation were a Spanish citizen and a Asian citizen living in a neighbouring Gulf country.

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