Bank employees caught stealing Dh128,000 from client's account

Group of 10 involved in the scam

Ten people including three employees of a bank stole Dh128,000 from a client account, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The three bank employees identified as NRA, 27, Pakistani, SSS, 35, Indian, and AAM, 33, Indian, leaked information of the account of SBS to other people to enable them to steal from his account.

SKO, 34, RBS 29, KRK, 27, AAM, 33, THT, 32, ZFL, 43 and JPJ, 32, all Indians, managed to forge documents and transfer the amount to the account of AKB, 52, a jobless Indian.

The accused submitted a transfer request of Dh128m000 to the account of AKB, 38, mechanic engineer, by forging his signature which they received from the bank’s employees. The transfer request was processed from another branch.

According to the rules should the amount subject to transfer was more than Dh50,000 the client should be notified and confirmation should be obtained from him, testified the bank’s investigation manger, RA.

The accused managed to disconnect the mobile number of the victim with etisalat and one of them pretended to be the holder of the Sim card and claimed that he had lost it so he was issued another sim with the same number so that when the bank verify the transfer of the amount, he would be able to respond to the bank.

Since they had full details of the victim’s account, they gave correct response when the bank called to confirm the transfer.

The victim called the bank on January 22, 2011 and informed about the transfer that he had never requested for. He also said that he had not filled or signed the transfer form and said that his mobile was disconnected on the day of the transfer so he did not receive any call for confirmation from the bank.

The bank lodged a complaint with the police who arrested AKB when he approached the bank to collect the money, testified RA.

AKB confessed to the police that some people approached him and agreed with him to transfer the amount to his account against Dh15,000.

The victim testified that accidently he had logged into the bank’s website and checked his account.

“I found that Dh128,000 have been transferred on the same day to another account so I immediately notified the bank and on the next day the matter was checked by the bank who assured that I answered the confirmation call…I realized why my mobile was disconnected,” he testified.

The court adjourned the case to April 22.

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