Banker chases woman, 'cheques' into court

Unnamed man confessed to breaking into the places after they shut for the night. (Supplied)

A bank employee threatened to kill a woman and her children if she does not drop a police complaint against him because he had started chasing her after he came to know that she had a troubled relationship with her husband.

HM, 32, American, first met the accused AM, 35, during bank transactions.

“After sometime we became friends and he learnt that I’m having problems with my husband that have reached to the court,” she said.

After that, AM tried to get closer to the woman and started chasing her as she did not give him the attention he sought.

“I asked him to leave me alone but he continued chasing me so I lodged a complaint with Al Rashidiya Police Station. After that, he phoned my senior in the office and asked him to drop my complaint or he will make lose my life and that of my children,” she said.

Her senior told investigators that he received a phone call from a man who asked him to make HM drop her complaint.

He also threatened to kill her and her children if she does obey his instruction. The accused excused to the senior that he had to call him because HM is not answering his phone calls.

The court will reconvene on July 12.

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