Cabbie beaten and bitten by 3 women in RAK

An Asian taxi driver rushed to the police station in Ras Al Khaimah to report an assault that left him bleeding and with bruises all over his body. When the cops asked him about the men who did this to him, he shook his head and said—three women.

Recounting the attack to the surprised police men, the driver said he gave a lift to an Arab woman to her house but she refused to get out of the car on the grounds her house is still far from where the taxi stopped.

The driver said he told her he could not reach further than that point, triggering an argument inside the car.

“He said that the woman then jumped out of the car and attacked him before two other women quickly joined in and helped her,” Alkhaleej daily said.

“ When the police asked him how the women hit him, he said they punched him, kicked him and bit him on the body and the head.”

The paper said the three unnamed Arab women stood trial on Wednesday but the session was adjourned to allow them to get a lawyer.

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