Car cleaner steals mobile and buries it in the sand

A 44-year-old Pakistani car cleaner, IAM, allegedly stole an iPhone 4S from a car kept in his custody for cleaning and buried it in the sand near the car agency, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim, SAA,34, Jordanian accountant, testified that on January 14, he accompanied a friend to a car agency in Industrial Al Quoz area and handed over his car to the washing section.

“As I was waiting in the smoking room I remembered that I had left my mobile in the car… I went to the cleaner who took the car from me and asked him about the mobile, but he denied seeing it. Searching about the mobile using mobile programme, I found out that my mobile is the same area. I notified the police,” he testified.

The accused initially denied the accusation but later admitted stealing the mobile from the car. He told the police that he had buried it in the sand and guided to whereabouts of the mobile and took out from a hole he made in the sand.

Searching his house police confiscated many items including watches, jewellery, mobiles, and other personal items.

Earlier, the accused had stolen an umbrella from another customer’s car.

The victim FF, 34, Indian purchase executive, testified that in November 2012 he handed over his car to the maintenance section and a three days later he received his car.

“After about two weeks I realized that the umbrella that was in the back seat was missing. I called the section and asked them to call me when they find the umbrella. The section told me that they did not find it. A couple of days later, I received a call from the police and asked me to identify my umbrella which they confiscated from the accused,” he testified.

The court will issue its verdict on March 13.

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