Car stunts are now criminal offence in Dubai

Police say some stunt drivers have been arrested and will be tried

UAE drivers involved in car stunts would be prosecuted as such actions are now considered as criminal offences because they threaten the lives of road users, Dubai’s traffic police chief was reported on Monday as saying.

Major General Mohammed Al Zafin said police had arrested some Emirati drivers involved in dangerous car stunt demonstrations in Mamzar, Rawiyya and other areas and they would stand trial after having their vehicles impounded.

Another police officer said some drivers have gone further by filing their perilous stunts and publicizing them online, adding that this amounts to abetting other drivers to follow suit. He referred to a film showing a deadly car stunt in Saudi Arabia this week, when two drivers were killed.

“We have seized some of these drivers and we intend to prosecute them…their actions are very dangerous and they try to imitate those in American movies…our repeated warnings to these drivers have become futile as they appear to be bent on doing such foolish acts,” Zafin said, quoting by the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum.

“Dubai police are determined to prosecute any driver involved in this behavior…we are no longer satisfied with issuing fines or seizing the vehicle …these acts are criminal offences and drivers involved them will stand trial on criminal charges including threatening others’ lives.”

He said the traffic police had already contacted the public prosecutor about these offences and the need to try those drivers on this basis.

“It does not make sense that we wait for a tragedy to happen so the others will be deterred and then realize such risky actions.”

The paper also quoted Zafin’s deputy, Lt Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, as saying the stunts performed by those drivers amount to “suicidal activities.”

“They have gone further by filing these acts and publicizing them online as if to encourage others to join them,” he said.

“Our patrols have recently caught some drivers involved in these acts in desert areas…they were performing foolish and risky movements that could easily kill them…that’s what happened this week in Saudi Arabia.”


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