Carpenter threatens to kill babysitter

An Indian carpenter allegedly threatened to kill a babysitter if she told anyone about his relationship with her co-worker, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On November 23, while babysitter AB, 45, Indonesian, was with her employer’s baby, she heard the bell ring.

“From the window of the room, I saw the maid ES opening the door for the carpenter who used to work in an under-construction quarter in the house’s yard. When I did not see him going to the premises under construction, I got out and searched for him. His car was parked near the neighbour’s door. I got inside and continued searching until I found him in the maid’s room. I screamed at them. Then, pointing at his neck, the carpenter threatened to kill me if I told my employer,” said the victim.

AB got scared of the threat and did not inform her employer on that day.

Later, she learnt from the maid that she had intimate relationship with JS and that she had sex several times in the employer’s house including the day the babysitter saw them together.

Neighbours used to see JS coming to the house in the absence of the employer.

“My neighbours told me that the carpenter JS used to come to my house and stay for about an hour. On November 24, I waited watching the house until JS came at around 10.30am. He rang the bell and AS opened the door for him. When he saw my car, he headed back to his car and drove away. I followed him and searched for him in the area until I saw his car near a building under construction. I caught and held him until police arrived,” said the employer AA.

At that time, his wife called the house and questioned the domestic servants about their relationship with the carpenter.
AS admitted to having sexual relationship with JS who had promised to marry her.

The baby sitter told her employer that she knew about that relationship a day before. She told her employer that she could not inform him as she was scared of his threat to kill her.

The two accused were referred to the misdemeanour court for having consensual sex.

The carpenter alone was also referred to the criminal court, accused of threatening to kill the babysitter.

The court will give its sentence on April 18.