CCTV nails drunk man dragging Filipina into flat

Gets one year in jail for kidnapping

A drunk who kidnapped a woman from the lift of an apartment hotel and dragged her into his flat, was sentence to one year in jail after finding him guilty of kidnapping by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

AJS, 26, Emirati employee was acquitted by the court of the charge of attempt to rape and ordered to pay Dh1,000 fine for consuming alcohol.

Chief Prosecutor Yousuf Mohammed Fulath had asked the court to award the stiffest penalty against the accused.

The victim, SMJ, 40, Filipina, employee testified that at around 6.30am on February 3, she went to the hotel to visit her friend who stayed in one of its apartments.

 “I saw the accused talking to the receptionist. I walked towards the lift and he followed me. We got into the lift and I pressed the first floor button. The lift went down instead and then up. I did not notice that until it reached the seventh floor, where he held my shoulders and tried to pull me out of the lift. I shouted at him saying ‘No, No’ but he was big and strong and he dragged me through the corridor while I was trying to hold anything to prevent him from doing so.

“He rang the bell of one of the flats. Someone opened the door and he pushed me in. I was shouting and screaming. He threatened to kill me if I did not keep quiet. Suddenly, someone rang the bell and he went and opened the door. The moment he did so, I rushed towards the door where a woman was standing. I ran out of the room and went down using the stair well,” she testified.

The video recording showed the two entering the lift and also in the lift. The accused was seen talking to the victim, then trying  to pull her out of the lift at the seventh floor. The recording of the camera at the corridor showed that he had forcibly dragged her while holding her by her waist. She fell twice on the floor while was trying to stop him. Then they both disappeared from the camera’s frame.

After a while a man and a woman were seen walking in the same direction as that of the accused and the victim. The woman and the accused moved towards the lift and the victim was seen running towards the door of the stair well in the video recording.

The accused confessed to only holding the victim and said he was under the influence of alcohol, staff at the new facility received training at the company's headquarters in Switzerland.”

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