Child dies of food poisoning in Sharjah

A little Asian girl in Sharjah died of food poisoning after having a meal and police said they were investigating the case reported by Al Qassimi Hospital.

Doctors said the child was brought dead to the hospital at the end of last week, denying reports that the girl died in hospital.

“Doctors determined that the death was caused by food poisoning…her family brought the girl to hospital but she was already dead,” Alittihad daily said.

It said Sharjah police are still investigating the case but the paper did not mention the girl’s nationality or her age.

Maid in jail for illicit baby

A court in Ajman sentenced a housemaid to six months in prison and ordered her deportation from the UAE after she was convicted of adultery and having an illicit baby, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The sentence also included one month for working for another sponsor and a further one month for staying illegally in the country.

Couple found with baby in hand-baggage at Sharjah airport

An Arab man and his wife who were stopped at Sharjah airport for not having visa for their baby tried to smuggle the five-month-old boy in their travel bag. But their attempt failed after the baby was detected by the scanning machine.

The two arrived with their baby on Friday but were not allowed in because they did not have visa for the newborn. They were allowed by airport authorities to stay at the airport until the visa office reopens on Sunday.

On Saturday morning, the man apparently got impatient and told his wife to bundle the boy into her handbag after noticing that the security men who had stopped him were replaced by new employees at the end of their shift.

“She put the baby in the bag and the couple tried again to beat security….but they were stopped after the baby was detected by the scanning machine,” the Arabic language daily Emarat Al Youm said, quoting airport officials.

It said the couple were arrested and charged of endangering the baby’s life, adding that the woman confessed to police that she was told by her husband to hide the baby in the bag.

Mother streams killing of son 'live' on internet

CHINA: In a horrific incident, a mother of a 10-month-old son allegedly strangled him at home. To make matters worse, she even broadcast her actions live on the internet from China, reports NY Post.

Once the young woman realised that her son was beyond saving, she called an ambulance for her son and surrendered herself to the police.

The mother is in police custody.

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