‘CID’ attacked, robbed pedestrians of Dh6,000

Posing as CID officers , two Emirati students allegedly attacked two Pakistanis on their way to perform Friday prayers and robbed more than Dh6,000 from them, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Besides robbery, AYI, 21, and KGA, 39, are also accused of impersonating as CID, assaulting KH and RA and threatening them with a knife.

On February 17 at around 12.2opm, KH and RA were walking to a nearby mosque in Satwa for Friday prayers.

“Two men stopped us and asked for our ID, presenting a card and claiming to be from the CID. I took out my wallet and picked my ID from it. When one of them saw money in the wallet, he asked me to hand over the wallet to him but I refused and put the wallet back in my pocket. He forcibly snatched the wallet from my pocket, opened it and took the money. He then pulled a knife and threatened to kill us if we move or shout from help. The other attacker was holding a piece of wood with which he beat me up,” testified KH.

The other victim, RA, testified that attackers robbed Dh300 from his wallet under threat with a knife.

RAA, 23, Pakistani, driver, testified that he saw two men beating up a man in a narrow lane between two buildings. Another man who was with him ran to a nearby restaurant to seek help. He was also beaten by the men when he tried to stop them.

The victims recognised the accused when shown in an identification parade.

The Court adjourned the case for verdict on October 22.

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