Conman sells 3 Dubai flats for Dh123k

A Pakistani supervisor allegedly forged ownership certificates of three properties and sold them to a compatriot, cheating him of Dh123,500, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

A year ago, the victim, MF, 36, manager, learnt about two flats offered for sale through a property broker, a friend of his business partner.

“The broker Zafar told my partner Abdulsamad that he knows a person who wants to sell flats in Dubai. My partner told me about the offer and I expressed interest in buying. I authorised my partner and he and my friend Zafar met the seller. The seller told them that he is willing to sell two flats: one that he owned and the other belonging to his mother.

“My partner agreed to buy the two flats on my behalf, signed on the purchase agreement and gave the seller two cheques, one of Dh41,000 e and the other of Dh27,500 as down payments for the two flats, provided that the remaining amount is given to the seller after he transfers the flats’ ownership to my name,” the victim told investigators.

After about ten days, the seller expressed interest to Zafar of selling a third flat. The partner agreed to buy this flat too and handed the seller Dh55,000 as down payment for the third house.

“The partner then asked the seller to transfer the ownership of the three flats to the victim’s name. When the seller started delaying the transfer, Zafar checked with the Dubai Land Department and found out that the ownership certificates that the seller had supplied were forged. Then I lodged a complaint with the police,” said the victim.

The partner testified that Zafar had guided him to the location of the flats which he agreed to buy after seeing them.

“I expressed interest in meeting the seller to sign the contract. After signing the contract, I handed him over two cheques. After ten days the seller offered a third flat for sale via Zafar who also informed me that he is in a hurry to sell it and cannot wait until transferring the previous two flats to my partner’s name. I agreed on buying the flat in Discovery Gardens and handed him over a cheque of Dh55,000. When the seller did not answer our phone calls, we checked with the Lands Department where we were told that the ownership certificates of the flats were forged,” testified Abdulsamad.

AD, 26, is accused of forging photocopies of ownership certificates of three flats by deleting the names of the real owner and entering his name as the owner. He is also accused of stealing a total of Dh123,500 from the victim.

The court will issue its sentence on October 30.