Cook filming women's privates on Metro jailed

A Dubai court on Sunday awarded three months jail to a Pakistani, cook, for secretly making films of women’s private parts at Dubai Metro.

28-year-old BSM made videos of women with his mobile phone camera, the Dubai Court was told during the hearing.

He has also be accused of breaching women’s privacy and modesty by filming them indecently.

At the previous hearing, policeman Marwan Abdullah had testified that a woman approached him and complained about a man making videos of women in the metro and around the metro station. Abdullah suspected a man going around the station and asked him to stop.

“I stopped and confronted him for taking pictures and making videos of women in the metro. He denied it so I asked him to hand over his mobile phone. After searching the recordings, I saw the woman who complained to me and other recordings of different women. The recordings showed that he was focusing on some parts of the women’s bodies. He claimed that he was just recording public places. I called Dubai police patrol which arrived immediately and arrested him,” he testified.

Police found 16 videos of women in his mobile phone shot in different public places and the recordings focused on some parts of the women's bodies.

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