Cops to ‘enlist’ Dubai parents on force…

Only to report on their kids indulging in illegal activities; Give assurance that no ‘action’ will be taken

As part of its initiatives to mark the International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, the Dubai Police has chalked out numerous events to spread awareness and encourage parents and children to campaign against this evil menace. 

Dubai Police also urged parents to come forward and inform them if they suspected their children of indulging in any such activity. 

“I ask all parents to come to us if they suspect their children are doing anything illegal. I assure them that if they do then I won’t take any action against the children, but I will treat them like my own and ensure they get treated,” assured Maj. General Abdul Jaleel Mahdi Mohammad Al Asmawi.

“This way we get our children back and the real culprits are caught.” 

He added that many parents are scared to approach the police and take their children to other countries to get treated.

“In such cases, after the children come back, they get dragged into it again. If the parents come to us then I will take adequate steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.” 

Maj. General Abdul added that there was no need to be scared of the police and they were here to help and protect its citizens. 

“As an initial step, I request all parents to be vigilant about their children’s activities. Where they are going, what they are doing and who they are going with.

“They must befriend their children’s friends and their families.

“This way they can be sure who their children are going out with, and eliminate bad company.” 

He also highlighted about the issues relating to medicinal abuse.

“When doctors prescribe three tablets a day, they end up taking 5-6. Even this is not good and can affect the brain.” 

Through the three-day event, which ends today at Mamzar beach, Maj. General Abdul is hopeful that it will help create a safe and drug-free environment. 

Boys from the National Scout summer camp, aged between 6 and 13, embarked on a solidarity march against drugs to kick-start the three-day event.

“I know that drugs are bad. They are not good for the brain. It sometimes comes in the medicine as well. Everybody should be careful and not use it,” voiced 11-year-old Haza. 

His friend, 10-year-old Omer elaborated that it’s the stuff that the bad people in the movies use. “When the police catch them, they have these bad things.”



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