Court acquits jobless man of murder

For taking too much time with his favourite prostitute

A jobless Pakistani, who was accused by the prosecution of burning a compatriot to death for taking too long with a prostitute, was acquitted of the charge of premeditated murder by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

MMM, 26, was accused of premeditatedly killing Jamilur Rahman Noor by burning him with petrol on February 5, 2011 at a building in Al Safiya area of Hor Al Anz.

First Lieutenant Abdul Rahman Salem testified that he checked the scene of the crime which was a prostitution den. Police could not get the testimony of the victim as his condition was critical.

The victim came to the den with his friend MA, 51, driver, who confessed that they both came from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to have sex. The two chose the same Ethiopian girl at around 10.30pm. MA had sex with her first, left the flat and waited for his friend in his car.

MA got a call from their sponsor who asked them to meet him, so MA called the victim on his mobile phone and asked him to come down quickly. While MA was in the car, he napped and was woken up by a knock on the car’s window. It was Jamilur Rahman who had burns all over his body and who asked him to rush him to the hospital.

MA testified that Jamilur Rahman did not tell his friend who had burnt him as his condition was critical and he was unable to talk.

MMM and HM, the 24-year-old prostitute, who were in the den, were arrested.
Initially, the police did not suspect MMM but he was detained for violating the country’s residency laws. HM admitted that she and the victim had sex that day evening. She also confirmed the statement of MA about phoning the victim who left the flat at around 2.40am.

At first, HM denied knowing who burnt the victim. When the police discovered a special relationship between MMM and HM, they questioned him again. MMM used to come to have sex with her every Friday and there were phone calls between the two on the day of the incident.

While questioning MMM, officers noticed burns on his feet and legs. MMM claimed that they were caused by hot cooking oil. To check his claim, the police went with him to his house. His roommates denied the incident, the officer testified.

MMM also denied knowing how his slippers got burnt, though he admitted the slippers were his.

MMM was referred to the prosecution which did not find sufficient evidence to file an accusation.
Police re-investigated the case and questioned MZK, the doctor who had treated him.  The doctor testified that the burns were severe so he asked MMM to go to a hospital after prescribing a medicine. Police found a slipper in MMM’s house that he denied was his. A sniffing dog picked MMM in an identification parade.

Forensics reported that the burns on MMM’s body could not have been of made by hot oil but rather due to direct exposure to fire. It also reported that the victim sustained severe burns due to direct contact with fire which covered 95 per cent of his body that caused his death.  Criminal Evidences also reported that the burns on the slipper were due to direct contact with fire.

From HM’s mobile phone, the police found that MMM had made calls to her on the day of the crime. The pimp of the den MDH, 26, jobless, Bangladeshi, testified that he saw MMM coming down the building twice on the evening of the day of the incident at a time that MMM claimed he was in Sharjah.

The burns on the feet and legs of the accused, his burnt slipper and the testimonies of the doctor and the pimp were considered sufficient supportive evidence by the Prosecution to file the accusation against him.

The sentence is subject to appeal within 15 days.


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