Court orders Dh800,000 to woman in rape case

Graphic courtesy Emarat Al Youm

An Abu Dhabi appeals court ordered two men to pay an Arab woman Dh800,000 damages after they were convicted of raping her.

The court also slashed the jail term for the main defendant from life in prison to 10 years and that of the second defendant from 10 to one year and ordered his deportation.

The two Arabs, aged 23 and 17 years, were found guilty of abducting the woman to a desert area in Dubai and using violence to rape her.

The woman told court she was walking out of her office in Dubai when the two intercepted her and asked for an address.

“They then sprayed a drug substance on me and dumped me in their car boot.

“I lost consciousness and woke up later in the middle of the desert. They forced me out of the boot, beat me up and took turns in raping me,” she said.

Newspapers quoted her as telling court the two also took her bag and mobile phone and set them ablaze before raping her again for nearly three hours.

She said they left her in the desert but she managed to reach the highway, where she was spotted by passers-by, who called the police.

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