Crime: Bite leads to would-be rapist in RAK

An Asian man who tried to rape a Western woman on a Ras Al Khaimah beach had apparently thought it was a closed case when the lady bit him and fled. While the bite helped that woman get away with it, it led to the man’s arrest.

Newspapers said the bite was so strong that it left a mark for days on the man’s arm, after which he was captured by the police.

“Police arrested the man, who was identified by the bite on his arm,” the Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said.


10 years jail, 4,200 lashes for 2 Saudis for 'nudity'

A Saudi court sentenced a local young man to 10 years in jail and another to seven years and ordered them lashed more than 4,000 times after they were caught naked in a public place inside their cars, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The court found the defendants and two other men guilty of stripping off their clothes  during youth gatherings in the central town of Buraidah three months ago.

It sentenced one of them to 10 years in jail and ordered him lashed 2,000 times while the other was sentenced to seven years and 2,200 lashes in a public place.

The court also fined one defendant Dh50,000.Two other defendants were sentenced to three years in prison, the Arabic language daily Sabq said.

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