Daylight robbery in Sharjah: Man helps save Dh250,000 victim

Sharjah Police are on a lookout for a duo who have been stealing money from people walking out of banks with cash.

On Sunday, in a similar incident two strangers almost managed to rob a man who had just walked out a Bank of Baroda branch at Meena Road in Sharjah with Dh250,000.

An alert real estate agent whose office is located just opposite the bank says he saw one of the two robbers approach the bank customer who had just got into his car with a bag full of money. “The driver immediately got out of his car and started checking if the rear tyres were punctured.

Meanwhile, another man slowly walked towards the car, opened the front door and without any fuss started walking away with the bag,” said the Abdul Qader who works at Al Tuligi Real Estate agency.

“I was standing outside my car and watching this whole scene unfold. The man was walking away with the bag and the driver was not even aware of the incident. I saw him just getting back in to the car and reversing his car from the parking lot. That’s when I screamed out and informed him about the incident,” he added.

Qader, who is in his 50s, said he started running towards the stranger who had just waked away with the bag. “Two more people joined me. We almost got hold of him. But he managed to throw the bag and even wriggle out of his torn shirt and escaped. Very soon the police and the CID had arrived. We tried scanning the area to identify the robbers but were not successful,” said Qader.

According to him, this is not the first time such an incident had occurred. “Just a few months ago another bank customer was robbed of almost Dh130,000 in a similar fashion. But we could neither get the money nor the men who had robbed in that incident,” he added.

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