Daylight theft in Dubai's Springs community shocks residents

A resident of Springs 11 returned home in the afternoon on a Friday to find their luxury bike missing from the garage. Their sand bike was carefully taken from the house and towed away in a pickup, they believe.

“I was shocked to see the bike missing when I came home after doing my groceries,” said Monique Davey, a resident of Springs 11. “I immediately informed the neighbours but they said they were clueless. They were home the entire day and did not hear any kind of noise,” she added.

Springs is a gated community and the security guard enters the number of each vehicle that enters through the controlled gates. However, nobody had a clue about the missing bike in this case. Other residents were in shock about the safety loophole that led to the bike being taken out of the community without any notice.

“We’d heard of small things like kids’ bike and strollers missing from the garage but this has happened for the first time. Today, it’s a bike, tomorrow, it could be a car, who knows,” said another resident in disbelief.

The police has registered a complaint and is trying to solve the case. “This kind of theft is not common in gated communities like The Springs. It has to be somebody from the community who knew that there was an expensive bike in the garage of this house,” LT Colonel Ahmed Al Marri, criminal investigation chief at Dubai police told Emirates 24|7.

According to the officer, this is the work of an amateur, aged between 18 to 20 years. “Either he’s hid the bike somewhere or has taken it to some market in some other emirate and is trying to sell it,” he added.

LT Colonel Marri maintained that people should not give up if the case is not solved immediately. “We have registered four to five such cases in Dubai since the beginning of this year and 90 per cent of them have been solved and culprits have been arrested. Some of the cases that were pending since 2009 have been solved. The residents should not lose hope,” he said.

(Image courtesy Shutterstock)