Dh2 million diya keeps bus driver in jail for years

Pakistani driver was involved in road crash that killed 9 people

A Pakistani bus driver who was sentenced to three years in jail for involvement in a road crash that killed nine people has overspent his prison terms by another three years because of his failure to pay Dh 2 million diya (blood money).

Hamioun Abdul Rahman entered jail when he was 24 years old and is now 30 but he hopes benevolent people and a charity fund at the Ministry of Interior would help him out for the sake of his ill parents.

Abdul Rahman said he was taking 48 company passengers from Jebel Ali to Warqa in Dubai in 2006 when his bus hit a cement block on Sheikh Zayed Road during a rainy day. The bus overturned and hit a mini bus carrying 12 people.

The accident resulted in the death of nine passengers and injury of 38.

Quoted by Emirat Alyoum daily, Abdul Rahman said he called the police before collapsing because of injury. He was bed ridden at hospital for three days before he was sentenced to three years in jail.

He said his company paid him Dh900 a month, of which he sent Dh400 to his family in Pakistan and paid Dh150 for rent in Dubai.

“Since I was jailed, my parents’ health deteriorated as my father is old and is suffering from many diseases…my mother also has cancer,” he said.

“In prison, I wash inmates’ clothes for Dh80 a month and clean some rooms for Dh20…I send all this money to my family….what frightens me is that I might end up spending all my life in prison.”


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