Did dad murder young Wudeema? Accused jumps dock, attacks cop during Dubai hearing

Father being prosecuted with his mistress for killing his daughter

In an unprecedented attack in a courtroom, the father who is being prosecuted with his mistress for killing his daughter, jumped from the dock and assaulted a policeman while making his testimony.

Policemen and anti-riot staff in Courtroom No 4 put HSJ, 29, Emirati father, under control and stopped him from reaching to a policeman who was making his testimony in the death of Wudeema and the torture of Mira’s case, the man’s two little daughters.

The witness was standing in front of the Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi and was asked why the accused and his mistress used to lock the two girls in the bathroom.

“They did that whenever they wanted to have sex,” the witness answered the judge. The accused jumped from the dock rushing towards the witness, shouting “Why you are saying that, you are lying, this is a lie.”

The Court’s anti-riot staff and policemen guarding the court room overpowered the accused before he could reach the witness. Presiding Judge Salama ordered to take the accused back to the detention centre.

The drama did not finish here. The accused’s mistress AMA, 27, also insulted the officer and told that court that the witness testimony is incorrect. The judge ordered her to maintain discipline in the courtroom.

AMA then asked the jury to award her death penalty for being solely responsible for torturing the 8-year-old Wadeema to death and also torturing her younger sister Mira and causing her a 10 per cent rate of permanent disability.

Three police officer who were supposed to make their testimonies today were absent during the hearing. Presiding judge Salamah adjourned the case to December 12 to hear the witnesses and for the defence lawyer to prepare his defence.

In the previous hearing, policemen who interrogated and investigated the death of the 8-year-old Wudeema testified before the Dubai Criminal Court that the victim was made to eat her own faeces and that the flat was not fit for humans to live in.

The policeman who had interrogated AMA after the discovery of the dissolved body of the girl in the desert in Sharjah said that she told him that the girl was willingly eating her own faeces.

Another policeman, who inspected the studio flat where HSJ and AMA were living with his two daughters Wudeema and Mira in the International City, testified that the flat was not fit for human to live in. “ I saw a flat that was not fit for humans to live in. It was a complete dirt and mess. I also found two irons used in torturing the girls,” he testified.

AMA delievered her baby out of her illicit relationship with AMA while being prosecuted.

The court heard the testimony of the 7-year-old Mira in a deliberation room accepting a request made by the accused father.

The father and his mistress were arrested following a visit by the girl’s uncle to their house. He reported the missing of Wadeema and the bad condition of the younger one Mira. Police found the body of Wudeema buried in a desert area in Sharjah in a decomposed condition and estimated that she was buried 6 months ago.

The father and his mistress were accused of torturing the two girls with different tools and burning their body with iron and confining them for long hours without food in the bathroom or in wardrobe causing the death of one.



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