Do the deal or else…. Indian expat businessman accuses 2 Britons of threats

Allegedly made via phone and email

Two men of British nationality are accused of threatening an Indian businessman and his family over a business deal.

According to testimony that the Dubai Criminal Court heard, MB, 52, and AM, 49, both visitors to the UAE are accused of threatening SHP, 30, on June 25, via telephone and email.

The men are accused of forcing SHP to buy goods from them and to pay them money.

SHP testified that he received an email from MB saying: “Should you not pay the money, I will hurt you and your family via people who I know in Bombay”.

The email also threatened to use some information he knew about involving dealings with my father.

“AM also sent me an email asking me to do the right thing or face MB’s anger and revenge,” the victim testified.

The court will reconvene on January 14, 2013.

Jebel Ali Port guard guilty of taking bribe

A 43-year-old Bangladeshi security guard at Jebel Ali Port, allegedly asked for, and received, a Dh1,000 bribe from a scrap dealer to allow him to clear materials without submitting the necessary documents, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MRM, 26, a Pakistani scrap dealer is accused of paying a public servant Dh1,000 bribe.

On October 4, Mohammed Asheq, a security guard was on duty at the exit gate of Jebel Ali Port and was checking cars and vehicle entering and exiting the port, when he stopped a lorry.

“I asked the driver about the papers, he answered me that his vehicle was just leased by MRM who was sitting next to him.

“MRM said that he does not have papers and then confessed that he had paid a security guard Dh1,000 to allow the consignment to exit the port.

The person who he paid the bribe to was identified as HOR and was also in the vehicle.

“When I looked at HOR he confessed and pulled Dh1,000 and returned it back to MRM, asking him to go back into the port.

“I did not allow that  and informed my senior about the bribe,” he testified.
The Court will reconvene on January 14.

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