Drunk labourer stabs friend to death

Dubai court awards labourer 5-year jail

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced a labourer to five years in jail followed by deportation for killing his friend by stabbing him in the chest.

ZMH, 26, from Myanmar, was also convicted guilty of consuming alcohol.

According to the prosecution record, at around 11pm, on April 23, 2010, at a labour accommodation in Al Quoz, the accused went to the kitchen where he took a knife after consuming alcohol and asked ZN to come out of the room.

The accused was smoking and drinking alcohol 20 metres away from the victim before he suddenly headed to him and stabbed him in the chest.

The guard, OK, at the accommodation testified that he saw the accused stepping towards the victim and as if he wanted to hug him.

“I pulled the accused back when I saw a knife in his hand; but by then he had stabbed him and the victim fell on the ground because his chest was bleeding profusely. Then the accused ran to the bathroom and got rid of the knife before he was held by labourers till the police arrived,” testified the guard.

The accused told police that he was always assaulted by the victim. Forensic report said that the victim was also under the influence of alcohol.

The accused denied killing his friend, telling the Presiding judge Hamad Abdullatif: “I do not understand, he was my friend. I did not kill him.”

However, he confessed to drinking alcohol.

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