Drunk woman cunningly kidnapped from taxi, raped by three men

Accused convinced Dubai Taxi driver to let drunken British woman go with them as they knew her and then raped her

A drunk British woman was cunningly kidnapped from a taxi and raped.

The Dubai Criminal Court was told on Sunday that two Iranians with a help of a fugitive allegedly kidnapped a drunk British woman and took her to a flat to rape her.

The 20-year-old partners YHA and AKN kidnapped SAW, 28, executive director, by claiming to a taxi driver that they knew her and they will drop her back home.

After driver believed their claim, the accused took the drunken executive to Naif area in their car where they gang-raped her several times.

The victim testified that on July 5 at around 9.30pm she went to a night club in a hotel in Bur Dubai and consumed wine.

She fell asleep and did not know what happened to her until 6.30am the following day.

“I regained consciousness and found myself in a dark room where three men were raping me. I asked them to let me go, but none of them listened to me. I tried to get up but could not. I tried to seek help several time by rushing to the window and door but they pulled me back to the mattress.

During this brawl, my hand and foot got hurt. Once they left, I ran away because the door was unlocked. I took a taxi and went to a friend’s house. I told my friend what had happened, but he asked me to leave his place. I went home and told another friend who accompanied me to the police station to report the crime,” she testified.

The taxi driver, NRK, 37, Pakistani, testified that at around 3am he was waiting for passengers at the entrance of a night club of a hotel when the victim came out of the club and asked him to drop her to Arabian Ranches.

“The drunken passenger sat in the back seat. While driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, the passenger fell asleep. All of a sudden, she woke up and asked me to drive her home.

"When we reached, she asked me to look for an ATM. I stopped in front of a super market but then she told me again to proceed to York Tower in the area. Upon reaching there she got off the car without paying the Dh58 fare. I followed her into the building and with the help of a watchman, we managed to stop her. Since she was very drunk, she went to the taxi again and sat in the driver’s seat.

"I pulled out the car keys. At this time a red Hyundai car stopped and two men got down of it and came to us. A third remained seated in the car. The two Iranians told me that they knew this woman and inquired about the problem. I told them that she did not pay the fare, so one of the men paid me Dh100 taxi fare. The other man took her to their car. I saw her sitting in the front seat next to the driver. After that I drove away,” he testified.

EMA, 26, French, training manager, testified that she is the flatmate of the victim who came to her at around 8.30am on July 6.

“I woke up when the victim came in. She was confused and told me that she had been raped. She changed her dress as she was bleeding. We proceeded to lodge a complaint at the police station,” she testified.

Her friend SAS, 35, British, employee, testified that the victim came to his place and looked terrified. “She told me that she was raped by a number of men. I helped her take a taxi to drop her back to her car in the GPR area,” he testified.

First Corporal Marwan Salem testified that he was assigned to investigate the complaint.

Salem said: “We could find out the taxi driver from the CCTV of the hotel. The recording showed a woman riding the taxi was alone. The taxi driver told investigators that the woman was heavily drunk and as he was arguing with her with the help of the tower’s security for the taxi fare she did not pay. A car stopped and took the woman after paying the fare, claiming that they knew her.

"We reached the car and arrested the two accused. YHA suggested AKN about kidnapping the woman but the later was scared for kidnapping a British woman. However YHA convinced him that she is drunk and would not recognise them. Since she refused to ride with them, they convinced her that it is her car; so she sat with them in the front seat. They proceeded to their flat in Naif area and raped her.”

After searching their flat, police found the woman’s undergarment and other belongings. The two admitted to investigators while the third fled on the same day of the crime.

Forensic reported that she sustained injuries. The court will reconvene on December 9.


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