Dubai cabbie tracks down fake currency worth Dh1.1m


An alert and pro-active cabbie in Dubai helped police nab a fraudster, according to a top police official.

When the taxi driver suspected the cash handed over to him by a customer was fake, he engaged him in small talk and placed a call to cops at Al Qusias Police Station.

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director, Department of Criminal Investigation, Dubai Police, said fake notes worth €236,000 (Dh1.14 million) were confiscated from the suspect's apartment in Al Nadha area in Sharjah.

Dubai Police in co-operation with Sharjah Police raided his residence to make the arrest.

Brig Al Mansouri, who was all praise for the cabbie, said, the accused entered the UAE on a tourist visa in February and has been residing here illegally since.

Lt. Col. Salah Bo Assiba, Director, Department for Combating Economic Crimes, who led officials in tackling the case, said the accused in an African.

The suspect, when arrested, had on him three $100 notes, as well.