Dubai confiscates 768 illegal electronic items

Sulthan Suwaidi

Dubai Municipality has confiscated 768 electronic equipment for violating conditions with regards to public health and safety as well as breaching the rules this year, said Sultan Suweidi, head of public safety section at the civic body.

He said the total fine imposed on shops and outlets that violated the rules stands at Dh125,100, according to his section's records in the past six months.

“Our inspection targeted equipment and tools used at various workshops and sites where construction works are going on.”

According to the Local Order 10: 2003 (Conditions for the Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment in Dubai), he said: “No person is allowed to exhibit, market, or advertise about selling of or even selling of any electrical equipment in the emirate unless the equipment has the necessary conformity mark”.

The electrical equipment is considered to have a conformity mark if, It has a conformity mark according to the Regional or International Standards approved by the Concerned Authority or; is supported with the Technical Documentation, which enables the Concerned Authority to verify the safety and conformity of the electrical equipment according to the Approved Standards.

Further, law categorically says that, “Persons, domestic animals and properties shall be adequately protected during the installation and use of the electrical equipment,” he added.

He quoted the Local Order wordings, “the insulation must be suitable for foreseeable conditions, that temperatures, arcs or radiation which would cause dangers are not produced, that there is no danger is brought in foreseeable conditions of overload and supplied with a safety mechanism for protection from non-electrical risk when in use”.

The local order underlines that the electrical equipment together with its components should be made in such a way as to ensure that it can be safely and properly assembled and connected.

Also, the electrical equipment shall be resistant to the non-mechanical influences in expected environmental conditions.

Suweidi urged traders and general public to abide by the law when handling the electrical equipments pointing that the enforcement of law comes in order to ensure safety of humans.

He also stressed that Dubai Municipality is keen on doing  maximum to reduce workplace accidents to zero by making people aware and by enforcing laws and regulations.


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