Dubai court awards life sentence to prisoner for sodomy

A 23-Year-old prisoner who sodomised his inmate in the Central Jail under threat on Wednesday received life in jail sentence by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

According to the records, Second Lieutenant Saif Khalifa testified that on April 8, 2011 while was on duty in the Central Jail, he received information from the Operation Room regarding a prisoner, TJ, sodomised by other prisoners.

“When asked about the crime, the victim was scared and did not want to name about the person who sodomised him. He said that four prisoners came to the ward when he was alone and threatened to beat him if he did not submit to their request of sodomy. He told his mother about the incident who informed his lawyer who reported it to the police. The victim did not want to pursue the complaint and just asked to keep him away from them by transferring him to another ward. Their dresses were taken for the test. Upon questioning, all the accused denied the crime,” he testified.

However, forensic reported sperms of only HAM so the prosecution filed a case against him only.

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