Dubai Police track web ad to net male prostitutes in hotel sting

Two men who previously served sentences, are once again in court, accused of soliciting male customers for sex.

One of the accused was released from a juvenile delinquency centre in 2009 and the other, a clerk, served a year’s jail term in 2007.

Dubai Police found an advertisement on a website offering sex for money and trapped the two men, both Emiratis, in a hotel room.

“A policeman was assigned to act as a customer. He was supplied with a phone number and pictures of a man wearing female underwear with a nick name and poetic phrases offering sex and dancing,” testified Major Khalid.

The accused agreed to offer sex for Dh1,500. The ‘customer’ rented a hotel room and set a date. The accused arrived in the hotel and later the second accused came into the room. The police raided the room and arrested both.

“Confronting them, the first admitted to offering men sex for money. The second initially denied offering sex and admitted only to dancing, but later confessed to offering sex as well,” the police testified.

The Prosecution supplied the court SMSs exchanged between the accused and the policeman in.

The court will issue its sentence on March 31.

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