Dubai resident finds nail in her holiday burger

On holiday in Mumbai, the 41-year-old Indian discovered the object in her McDonald’s order; a police complaint against the food chain has been launched

First it was needles on a plane. Now even malls aren’t exempt of wayward objects finding their way into its food. 

Such was the horrifying incident for a Dubai resident, currently on holiday in Mumbai, when she discovered a metal-like object wedged in between her burger; on closer inspection, it turned out to be a long nail embedded in her evening meal. 

According to a Mid-Day report, 41-year-old Ruchika Pandey chomped down on this additional piece of iron, adding no nutritional value to her order, while dining at McDonalds at Infiniti Mall, Malad west, Mumbai. 

Measuring approximately half an inch in length, Pandey has now lodged an official police complaint and plans to take the US food giant to court if need be. 

The report states that Pandey was dining at the mall on Sunday evening with two friends in tow, when they ordered three chicken burgers from the McDonalds outlet in the food court. 

Pandey was quoted as saying: “It was a scary sight when the nail emerged out of my burger. I immediately called the staff and informed them about it.” 

However, things went for a toss when she claimed McDonald’s reps “promptly threw my burger into the dustbin and placed a new one on my table.” 

It took her another two hours of arguing to get the original burger back in hand to file her complaint, despite the staff begging her not to do so in lieu of them losing their jobs, said the report. 

Pandey has also requested McDonald’s staff to resume a food inspection across outlets to ensure hygiene standards are met. 

The burger has been sent by the authorities for further testing, while a McDonald’s statement confirmed the drama, stating: “We are aware of the incident at our Malad restaurant. We are currently investigating the issue and senior officials from our team are in touch with the customer.

In a bizarre turn of unrelated events, a little over a week ago, an Air Canada passenger discovered a sewing needle in a catered sandwich on board a flight from Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto. 

Meanwhile, last month needles were served along with turkey sandwiches to passengers on Delta Air Lines. 

The FBI has said it is investigating the incidents. 

Delta confirmed what appeared to be sewing needles were found in five sandwiches. One passenger on a flight to Minneapolis was injured. 

The other needles were on two flights to Atlanta and one to Seattle. 

While the events may not be connected, the results have been the same: a bad case of indigestion.


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