Dubai to levy Dh200 fine for feeding stray cats

Feeding stray animals on the streets of Dubai is a violation of health laws and offenders can be fined Dh200. 

According to a report in the Arabic daily Al Bayan, Dubai Municipality has warned people against feeding stray cats and animals on the streets as it is deemed a danger to public health. 

“Dh200 will be the fine against those people who feed stray animals in the streets,” the Dubai Municipality said. 

The report quoted Dr Shehadeh Mu’tasim Al Zouabi, Veterinary Health Inspection, Public Health Services Department, Dubai Municipality, as saying: “The aim of the fine is not to make streets and neighborhoods a place for breeding cats and stray animals. 

“Cats multiply very fast and can breed every three months, each time resulting in six-seven kittens.” 

He added: “The municipality collects cats from neighborhoods and conducts sterilises them. 

“This is not to mention the dangers from diseases carried by stray animals.” 

He added that while the majority treat stray animals on the basis of mercy and compassion, this also a threat to humans. 

“We must be careful to see the difference between compassion and public health,” he said.


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