Dubai traffic chief 'shocked' by 500,000 offences

Dubai’s drivers maintained their reputation as among the world’s largest traffic offenders, committing more than 494,000 road abuses in just two months, a staggering daily average of about 823 offences.

Speeding remained a common behavior among drivers, with such offences accounting for nearly two thirds of the total traffic violations during January-February.

The figures were revealed by the emirate’s traffic police chief Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, who said he was surprised by such a high number of speed violations.

“The number of speed offences registered by the police during that period is very large.

I am shocked by such massive violations as we have struggled over the past years to create awareness among motorists against speeding and at the same time warn them of more severe penalties,” he told 'Al Bayan'.

His figures showed traffic offences recorded by the police totaled 494,760 including around 308,000 speed violations.
About 80,000 of the total offences were handed to the drivers while the rest were recorded in their absence.

Illegal parking came second, with around 26,525 offences recorded during that period, followed by motorists’ failure to stick to lane.
Police also recorded around 22,000 offences involving obstruction of traffic and more than 14,000 violations by pedestrians for illegal road crossing.