Emirati sentenced to death in Fujairah

Killed another Emirati with a sword over his sister

A criminal court in Fujairah sentenced a 23-year-old Emirati man to death after he was convicted of murdering another Emirati with a sword after he caught him with his sister, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

The killer had handed himself over to the police after stabbing the 22-year-old Emirati with a sword in the chest many times, they said.

The defendant was called by his younger brother who saw the victim with their sister in his car near a shopping mall in the emirate.

“The Emirati came with a sword…he asked the victim to explain why he was with his sister but did not receive a satisfactory answer….an argument followed and he stabbed the man many times,” the semi-official daily Alittihad said.

The young brother then called the ambulance, which rushed the victim to the hospital, the paper said, adding that he died on the way.


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