Emirati woman on trial for swindling ministry

An Emirati woman is standing trial in Abu Dhabi on charges of forging personal documents allowing her to receive social security from the Ministry of Social Affairs for many years, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The 33-year-old woman was exposed when she applied at the Abu Dhabi justice department asking for a letter showing that she has not married since she was divorced in 2004, the semi official daily Alittihad.

But computer files revealed that the unnamed woman was married later and again was divorced in 2010, it said.

“The files employees found that the woman did not report her second divorce that she managed to obtain a letter showing that she did not marry again after 2004 in order to receive social aid as a divorced woman under 35,” the paper said.

It said two men who testified for that fake letter were also arrested and are being tried with her although they told court they were asked by her father to be witnesses and that they did not know the document was forged.

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