Financial stress forces Indian worker to commit suicide in labour camp

Man called wife before ending life

Yet another depressed Indian ended his life in the UAE. Abdul Kareem, 36, - a father of two young daughters - was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his room at the Sonapur labour camp. He had come to the UAE just five months ago to work in a fence-making company.

Kareem shared a room with his brother, Said Alawi, and two other coworkers.

According to his room-mates, he was depressed as he had borrowed Rs55,000 (Dh3,785) for the visa and other travel expenses on high interest rates back home.

“He owed Rs800-1,000 per month to money lenders in India, while his salary here was a mere Dh700. And to top it, he received only about Dh300 in hand after the company deducted amount as food allowance and some work-related fines. He didn’t report to work for three days. He sat alone in the room. The first day the driver forgot to pick him up,” his colleagues told ‘Emirates24|7’.

One of his co-workers said: “On Saturday I went with him to send Dh300 home and the acknowledgement message came to my mobile.” In these five months, he managed to send money home only twice. His wife received just Rs 4,130.

A father of two young daughters, the deceased allegedly called up his wife to check if she received the amount before taking his life. Sameer, who came with Kareem to the UAE, said: “His roommates were out, while he sat watching TV on that fateful day. He called up his wife and confirmed that she collected the money that he had sent through money exchange. We don’t know why he killed himself.”

Sameer has also borrowed money to meet visa expenses to come to the UAE.

“Five of us came together to work here on March 19. On September 17, after 10 pm, Kareem committed suicide. Police came to the accommodation and removed the body to the mortuary,” Sameer added.

“We don’t know the exact reason for his death, but he was depressed about his liabilities back home,” said one of his roommates.

“We are making arrangements to repatriate the body and help the distressed family settle the debts,” he added.

Both the brothers together have borrowed Rs1,10,000 (Rs55,000 each) for visa and other travel-related expenses.

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