Girl, 15, rescued from prostitution gang

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director General, Department of Criminal Investigation of Dubai Police, said a seven-member prostitution gang, consisting of three women and four men had been arrested.

Among those arrested was FMM, leader of the Asian gang.

The gang used to bring girls into Dubai from their country on the promise of finding jobs and then force them to work as prostitutes.

The gang had brought in a girl not older than 15 by claiming that she was 22 years old.  On her arrival in Dubai, she was asked to work as a prostitute. At first, she refused but later agreed after being beaten by the gang.

Pretending to be a customer, a police officer entered the prostitution den in Deira after paying the gang a large sum of money. After the arrest of the gang leader, the money was returned to the police as evidence. MSM, a woman helping the gang leader, was also arrested.

Police found the victim's passport, receipts for money transfers, notebooks for recording revenues from prostitution and some money in various currencies.

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