Gold dust thief gets 6 months in Dubai jail

A criminal court in Dubai sentenced a Filipino jewelry technician to six months in prison and ordered his deportation from the UAE for stealing nearly 30 kg of gold dust over a period of two years.

The defendant was sentenced after he confessed to stealing the gold worth nearly Dhs four million from the company where he works.

After he was seized, the 33-year-old man told police he was concealing the stuff inside his lunch box at the gold refinery and selling it to another jewelry shop.

His employers discovered the theft after carrying out a routine annual inventory and informed police about the missing gold.

In its report on Tuesday, Al Khaleej newspaper did not mention if all the stolen gold has been retrieved.

'Tunnel gambler' jailed; to be deported

A Dubai court sentenced two men to three months in prison and ordered their deportation from the UAE after they were caught gambling in a pedestrian tunnel. One of them got an extra month for working for another sponsor.

The two had confessed to staging a gambling game for the public in the tunnel at Bani Yas square for another person in return for Dh50 a day.Sharjah Airport to ease passenger procedures

Two car thieves nabbed in Dubai

Dubai police arrested two men for stealing money and other items from cars while they are parked late night by smashing their glass.

Police said a 16-year-old Gulf citizens and his 23-year-old friend, both jobless, had robbed more than 10 cars in the same way before they were trapped and seized by police stalking them at a car park.

In one operation, the two smashed the windows of eight cars in Nahda area and stole money, mobile phones and credit cards, according to Brigadier Khalil Al Mansoori, director the criminal investigation and detectives department in Dubai.

Another police officer said the two targeted cars parked in a distant place late night by using a torch to check items inside.

“After we received many reports about such robberies, we decided to act and deployed patrols in many areas,” said Lt Colonel Ahmed al Marri, head of the criminal investigation section at the department.

“On April 10, our patrols saw two men walking inside a car park in Nahda at 4.00 am…they had a torch which they used to check inside cars…after targeting one car, they smashed its window…at that moment, our men were on them.”

Quoted by Emarat Alyoum newspaper, he said police seized money purses, credit cards, mobile phones, women’s bags and other items with the two.

Work chief fined Dh50,000 for illegal hiring

The UAE’s top court sent a strong message to companies violating labour laws by fining a supervisor Dh50,000 for hiring a worker who has another sponsor.

The Supreme Federal Court (FSC) overturned a previous court verdict acquitting the supervisor and ordered him to the fine for violating labour laws.

An appeals court had earlier acquitted the unidentified supervisor, prompting the prosecution to appeal with the FSC on the grounds the defendant had confessed to committing that offence and that he was directly in charge of workers.

“The FSC convicted the supervisor and fined him Dh50,000 after he confessed that he is authorized to hire workers without reporting to the manager,” the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emarat Alyoum said.

The UAE, the second largest Arab economy, has stiffened penalties against labour violations including employment of workers sponsored by another firm. The law involves even harsher penalties against companies hiring expatriates overstaying in the UAE or those who illegally enter the country.

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