Grand theft auto, UAE: Smuggling, larceny, double-cross leads to Abu Dhabi arrest


The Abu Dhabi Police have arrested two gangs, totalling 10 people, suspected of smuggling funds into the country to avoid paying bank transfer tariffs and to profit from exchange rates.

The arrested are also accused of robbery, transporting stolen money, and impersonating police officers.

Colonel Ojail Ali Abdullah Al Junaibi, Acting Director of the Western Region Police Directorate, clarified that the Abu Dhabi Police in collaboration with Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman Police were able to arrest 10 members of both gangs (four Arabs and six Asians).

These members were staying in the country and had different types of jobs. 

Al Junaibi said that last Thursday, September 5, an individual (named MA 20-years-old) reported being robbed of 984,000 Saudi riyals while driving his car on a highway in the port area of Al Gharbiyah region.

He was stopped by three men driving three separate cars, who claimed to be police investigators. They escaped the scene shortly after stealing his money. 

He said: “Acting on a tip-off, an investigation team was formed under the supervision of Captain Ahmed Khamis Al Marzouki, Manager of Economic Crimes Branch of Western Region Police Directorate, to collect evidence and further investigate the crime’s circumstances.

"The team’s investigation showed two gangs involved in the incident."

Al Junaibi added: “Members of both gangs were arrested and preliminary investigations indicated that the first gang smuggled SR984,000 using a truck across the borders without declaring the amount to concerned authorities.

"The second gang however, stole the money from the first under duress after monitoring and planning to do so since last Ramadan. The plan was made by one of the second gang members who had a good occupational relationship with the first party working in transportation.

Al Junaibi declared that the arrested members are suspected of different crimes including smuggling funds to avoid paying bank transfer tariffs and to profit from exchange rates; this allows the gang to gain double commercial profits.

They are also suspected of transporting and hiding stolen money, concealing a homicide, and impersonating police officers.

Investigations are still on-going and this will lead investigators to know the method by which the money was split and smuggled, in addition to confiscated amounts and other people involved. This further investigation precedes taking the case to public prosecution.

The Director of the Al Gharbiyah Police confirmed that such criminal cases are handled thoroughly and invited people to cooperate and report any law violations so that the police can take the appropriate action.


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