Hotel manager molests female employee at work

A Egyptian manager was sentenced for three months for molesting a hotel employee and touching her inappropriately.

The 40-year-old, STT, will be deported after serving his jail term, the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance has ordered.

The victim ZSM, 28, an Emirati, testified that on April 23, and while she was working in a five-star hotel and engaged in placing visitor’s belongings in the safe boxes, the manager came up to her and started chatting about matters related to work.

“He then moved to my left and put his right hand on my shoulder and tried to pull me towards him. I resisted his attempt and that is when he touched me inappropriately. I was enraged and pulled myself away from him and entered my office. He called me from his office and asked me to walk over to his office and asked me embarrasing question about my clothes which outraged my modesty. I told him that he had no business talking to me like that and left his office,” she testified.

SAS, 35, another Egyptian employee, testified that he had seen the victim entering the area where the safe boxes are kept. “She entered and a little later I saw the accused entering and I saw him putting his hand on her shoulder. At this moment the door got shut. Later I saw the victim was in a bad mood and upon asking her she told me what the accused had tried to do. She was crying and was in a bad shape,” he testified.

The prosecution supplied the court with a CD that contained CCTV footage of the area where the manager had assaulted his employee.

The accused denied molesting the girl. His lawyer defended that the video recording do not show any molestation.


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