Hotel staff blind shisha smoking guest: Dubai Court told

Four hotel staffers allegedly attacked a guest and caused him 35 per cent permanent disability because he wanted to continue smoking shisha until 3am, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On September 12, 26-year-old Emirati victim SO went to a hotel to smoke shisha.

“While I was sitting there at around 2am, Egyptian waiter SA came to me and asked me in an impolite way to pay the bill and leave. I told him that I am not leaving now and that I will leave after 3am.  I also asked him to bring some coal for the shisha,” said the victim.

SA then allegedly started shouting and screaming at the guest, asking him to leave, as they are about to close.

Three hotel staffers gathered and while arguing, SA pushed the guest. The others also intervened and beaten up the guest.

The victim learnt that while the four staffere were beating him, he fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital by the police.

When he woke up from coma, he learnt that surgery was done on his eye.

Forensic reported that the victim had lost his sight and the rate of the permanent disability was about 35 per cent.

In addition to the waiter SA, 34, the victim recognised MA, 31, Egyptian waiter, MM, 26, Egyptian and KJ, 30, Ethiopian security officer, when shown to him via identification parade.

The court will reconvene on April 10.