Housemaid escaped attacker by biting his arm

A worker allegedly entered a villa in the morning and attempted to rape the maid who escaped from her attacker by biting his arm, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

FHA, 30, is accused of attempting to rape HSL, 25, Filipina maid, on March 22 in the villa of her employer. He is also accused of entering the villa of Abdul Rahman Mohammed without his permission.

The victim testified that at around 8am on March 22, while she was in the washing room of the villa of her employer, she saw a man standing behind her.

“I got scared and rushed to my room next to the washing room. He followed me, entered the room and closed the door. He hugged me and kissed my neck.  I tried to call my employer on the mobile phone in my hand but he snatched the mobile.  I asked him to give it back to me. He said that he will return it after having sex with me.  He forcibly undressed me and tried to push me to the ground.  I resisted him with all my strength. I got out of his grip by biting him on his arm, took the key which was on a table next to the door, opened the door and ran out. I tried to lock him in. He tried to open the door but finally I succeeded.

“I rushed to the garage to see if my employer’s wife had returned after dropping her son at the school. She was not yet in.  I went back to my room to see if the attacker was still in. Looking from the window, I saw that he had escaped. I got in, put on my underwear and trousers and went inside the villa where there was only a little boy who was sleeping. So I waited for my employer’s wife. When she returned, I told her what had happened and she called the police,” the maid testified. The wife also called her husband and told him about what the worker of their relative’s villa under construction had done.

The victim also testified that the attacker had come to the villa several times earlier to attend to electrical complaints. Once he had attacked her after he followed her to her room. He hugged and kissed her and tried to have sex with her but she had prevented him.  She had told her employer about the incident but he asked her to ignore him if he came again to the house.

Abdulrahman testified, “I came home and as I knew all the workers, I asked the supervisor about FHA. They told me that he is not at the site. I called him on his mobile and asked him to come to the site. Five minutes later he came and was arrested by the police.  He confessed to attempting to rape the maid for which he apologized.”

Forensic reported scratches and bruises on the maid’s body. The accused denied the charges before the court and claimed that the maid had allowed him into the villa.

The court adjourned the case to July 1.

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