Housewife drug mule's crystal meth run ends

Iranian claims she was handed bag by a friend

A 40-year-old Iranian housewife was sentenced to four years in jail after the court found her guilty of smuggling two kilos of the drug methamphetamine hidden in the sides of her luggage.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered SZN to pay a fine of Dh50,000 and to be deported after serving her jail term.

Customs inspector Laila Ali, 22, Emirati, testified that on March 11, at around 7.30pm, she was asked to search the luggage of the passenger SZN who was suspected by her colleague Khamis Faraj. “I found a crystal-like substance at the corners of the bag,” she testified.

“The accused confessed and said that her friend Suhaila in Iran had handed her the bag to take it into Dubai and that she and her friend who will be coming to Dubai to collect the bag to travel to Malaysia. The accused was supposed to get four million Iranian toman for doing this,” testified Khamis Faraj, customs inspector.

The accused, who confessed at the airport to knowing about the hidden drugs in the bag, denied awareness before the prosecution and the court.

Land Cruiser thieves sent to jail

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced three Pakistanis to two years in prison for stealing a Toyota Land Cruiser owned by the employer of one of the accused.

SIM, 32, office boy; ODS, 23, driver; and SMS, 26, business partner; will be deported after serving their sentences.

As per the records of the private company where SIM worked as an office boy he handed over the keys of the car to ODS and asked SMS to get its duplicate made. He also informed them where he had parked the car in order for them to steal it.

AMA, an employee in same company testified that SIM also worked as a driver in the same company and used the Land Cruiser for official work.

In order to avoid being suspected, he went on leave four days before the crime was committed and returned on October 3.

First Corporal Saeed Saleh testified that investigation began upon receiving a complaint of a stolen Land Cruiser.

Police arrested SIM who had the car’s key. He confessed that he had given a set of keys to ODS and SMS to steal it and hand it over to two Arabs.

Police arrested the other two accused who also admitted to the crime.

Prisoner attacks cop with handcuffs

A Kuwait prisoner angered by his police escort’s mistreatment used his handcuffs to attack the cop, causing a severe head injury which sent him to hospital.

The Kuwaiti police man was escorting the prisoner from court back to jail when the inmate jumped on the cop and hit him with his handcuffs on the head many times, the Arabic language daily Alanba said.

“The police man was taken to hospital while the prisoner was overpowered by other policemen…he was taken to solitary confinement pending a new trial on charges of attacking a policeman during duty.”


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