Jobless duo demand massage at 4.15am!

Two jobless Emiratis knocked at a massage parlour in Ghusais area at dawn and asked for massage, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MK, 38, one of the two Thai women masseuses, who were sleeping in the massage parlour, heard the knock at 4.15am on April 9 and opened the door. She asked  the two men to come during working hours but they pushed the door, got in by force and locked the door. One of the men asked her if she was alone and stepped towards her trying to put his hand on her body. She moved back to the reception desk and tried to call the watchman of the building. One of the attackers snatched the mobile phone from her hand and threw it on the floor and asked for a massage, MK testified.

Being scared, MK agreed to give him a massage. As she walked towards the room where her colleague was sleeping, he followed her, entered the room and molested the other woman saying: “Are you sleeping, my darling?” The woman shouted at him and asked him not to touch her.

“I rushed towards the massage parlour’s door, but the other man ran after me, pulled me back and prevented me from opening the door. The first man insisted on massage. I went to the kitchen to change into my working dress. He followed me and told me there is no need for me to change.  When he went to the toilet, I took advantage, opened the window and jumped on top of the AC and shouted for help. A passerby heard me but could not help us because the door was locked. Then the police arrived but the two attackers had fled and locked our door after stealing our mobiles and a laptop, so police had to break into the massage centre,” she testified.

Her colleague BF, 25, repeated the same testimony.

Police tracked the user of one of the mobile phones. He was ARM, 41, Emirati, who said he had bought the mobile from his brother for Dh300. Police arrested his brother KRHS, 32, from his house in Ajman. KRHS confessed that he went with the second accused to the massage centre to have massage and that it was the  second accused who stole two mobiles and a laptop from the place. Later, the second accused gave him one of the mobiles which he sold to his brother.

KRHS denied knowing the location of the house of the second accused who was also not answering his calls. Police asked KRHS to give the full name of his complicit. Searching the name of the second accused SRAS, police found out that he was a brother of a police officer who works in the force’s anti-narcotics department.

Police arranged for the arrest of his brother SRAS and confiscated the other mobile and laptop from him. SRAS confessed that he went with the first accused to the massage centre but he said it was at 1.30am. He claimed that the first accused had stolen the mobiles and the laptop before they left the place.

The two women recognised their attackers when shown via identification parades. The prosecution asked the court to give stiffest penalty against the accused. The court will reconvene on July 15.

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