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Journalist molests colleagues at event

An Egyptian journalist allegedly molested two female colleagues while attending a summit, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
The accused, AM, 35 asked two colleagues to join him in doing interviews for his daily in Egypt for which he works as a correspondent in Dubai.
Jordanian MM, 30 said that she met AM near the buffet during lunch break of the event. After a short chat about work we decided to interview one of the participants jointly.
“I left him and headed to a table. He followed me and gave me his business card. On the following day, he called me and told me about the interview.

“I suggested doing the interview at the end of the summit day.

"At the end of the day, some friends I gathered to take a selfie while AM was around us and insisted to take selfie with us,” she said.
While taking selfie, he stood next to the victim and hugged her. As she stepped away, he followed her and molested her before flirting.
“He told me that if I was not married he would have married me,” she said.
The accused did not understood that the victim pushed him away and resumed his behaviour and sat next to the victim and touched her leg with his leg.

“I was sitting at a table with other colleagues. When he did that I left the table and returned after sometime. I did not find him and an American female colleague. When I asked about him, I was told that they had left the table together,” she said.
After about 20 minutes, the American colleague returned and looked very upset.
She told me that AM molested her.
The incident was reported to the police.
The American woman AB, 30, said that the accused pulled her hand and almost forced her to interview a participant in his hotel room.
“I threatened him that I will shout if he did not let me go. I will shout and scream and create a scandal,” said the American victim.

The court will give sentence on March 30.